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How We Help You Grow Your Investment

Our trading strategies are back tested on live/tick data for at least 3 years to ensure they remain profitable over time and through global events such as Brexit, COVID and the Ukraine/Russia conflict. Look to LMR for a safe, fixed return p.a.

Are you looking to invest?


Fixed Returns p.a.

LMR Portfolio Management provides investors a fixed return p.a. rather than a performance based set up. This gives peace of mind as you know up front exactly how much your investment will make.

Man Signing

Signed Agreement

All information, terms and conditions are documented within an agreement contract which is signed by both parties.


Monthly Payments

As an investor you have the option to receive your returns as monthly payments or leave invested to compound month on month.


Invest From $250K

Minimum Investment amount accepted (on a fixed return) is currently $250,000 on a 1 to 3 year agreement. Your investment is flexible, and you may increase during your term at any time.

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