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Portfolio Management Team


Lee Russell


Lee, the founder of LMR, now works across both sectors of the business (Infrastructure Projects and Finance). Lee has been actively trading private equities for the last 5 years in a shared capacity with LMR’s other business groups. Lee’s primary role within the executive management is focused on stakeholder management, system development and business growth.


Darren Russell


Darren works across both business units (Infrastructure Projects and Finance) in a leadership role. Since the foundation of LMR's new sector (Finance) Darren has been activity involved on the trading floor in system development and risk management.


Dan Palmer

Associate Director

With a Military and Project Management background, Dan became a full time trader back in 2012 after discovering a passion for algo trading. Dan's strength lies in identifying recurring patterns based on laws of probability, transforming those patterns into algorithms which are then used to trade Major FOREX pairs.


Tommy Russell

Junior Portfolio Analyst

Tommy joined LMR in 2021 as a junior portfolio analyst, Tommy assists our Gold Coast team with strategy development whilst analysing charts and testing algorithms. Tommy is part way through an applied finance degree and has become an expert in financial software coding. Being the youngest member of our team Tommy has impressed the trading floor with some fantastic modern trading strategies. 


Brock Jarman


Brock joined LMR in 2018, initially working for our Civil Infrastructure department. Brock transferred over to our trading floor after showing some interesting strategies to the team. Brock is now a full time analyst and successfully manages a large portfolio trading currencies. In addition to trading the markets Brock is also part of our strategy development team. 

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